Texas Foster Care Centers of Excellence Award Recipients

Superior has developed a Foster Care Center of Excellence (FCCOE) model. This provides access to foster care expertise and supports Medical Homes for STAR Health members. The goal is to streamline services for STAR Health members. This includes increasing collaboration between these groups:

  • Primary Care Providers (PCPs) 
  • Foster parents/medical consenters
  • Child/member
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Department of Family and Protective Services
  • Child-placing agencies
  • Superior HealthPlan

A Center of Excellence includes:

  • Care plans
  • Team meetings
  • Embedded Service Coordination
  • Health Passport
  • Behavioral health resources

Each Foster Care Center of Excellence is staffed with providers who are trained in working with children and youth in foster care. All of them also offer Spanish-speaking providers, helping to further support our members.